Nurul Sayang Kamu: hurt heart

hurt heart

Sometimes I couldn't understand what you're trying to tell me.
( yela..sbb sy nie blur2x..tak pandai nak berkias..huhu)
I thought that I knew all I need to know.

You let me know how you feel, pulling no punches.
And I never knew that kind of honesty.
My hearts locked and nowhere to get the key.

take me like you find me.
don't try to change me.
I was just born this way.

Yes! I was born this way.
so, if everything goes wrong.
its gonna be my fault and no one else.
so, don't break it kindly..don't hypnotize me..

p/s: maaf yer kawan2x andai ada terkasar sgt sedih sekarang nie..=(


EatUrMusicX said...

its not ur fault though?

Elisabeth Warren said...

If he wants you enough, he'll accept you for who you are.